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Friday, 29 August 2014 00:00

More iPhone 6 Parts Leak in High Resolution Photos

More iPhone 6 Parts Leak in High Resolution Photos More iPhone 6 Parts Leak in High Resolution Photos

With the iPhone 6 now said to be less than two weeks from announcement, leaks pertaining to the device are aplenty, and today, we get an up-close look at several key components including the embedded Apple logo, improved speaker module and revised Touch ID fingerprint sensor. All of the image are of very high quality, and below, you can check them out.

TSMC has been tasked with the role of churning out the Touch ID component of the iPhone 6, and here, we can see it in each and every iPhone color configuration alongside the corresponding SIM trays. With the iPad Air and iPad mini 2 set to reap the benefits of the fingerprint sensor, it’s fair to say that TSMC has had its work cut out this time around, and although it’s hard to spot any differences from the current iPhone 5s module, an overwhelming number of reports have indicated that Touch ID will be more reliable and robust on its second visit.

There’s also another look at the embedded Apple logo to the rear, and while we don’t know precisely what material is used here, leaker Nowhereelse.fr suggests it’s not liquidmetal or any other fanciful, scratch-resistant material. In fact, the French blog even took a knife to the part for sake of confirmation, but nevertheless, it’s a relatively minor aspect of the iPhone 6 given the numerous features we’re anticipating.

The leak also offers a glimpse of the alleged speaker and vibrator motor of the iPhone 6, both of which are designed differently from the corresponding components of the iPhone 5s. Considering the radical redesign of the iPhone 6, though, this is to be expected, and with 13 days still to go, it’s likely that we’ll be treated to many more sightings like these.

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