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Friday, 16 September 2016 00:00

iPhone 7 Plus teardown

iPhone 7 Plus teardown iPhone 7 Plus teardown Source from ifixit.com
While everyone is waiting for the arrival of iPhone 7/7 Plus. ifixit.com had performed their very first teardown for iPhone 7 Plus.

From the teardown, we notice iPhone 7/7 Plus screen reparing had change from iPhone 5 - iPhone 6S. It no longer open from bottom up. It is open from bottom to side now. By looking on the cable, this could be a very big challenge for all the repairer when changing the screen. Apple is using a stranger glue to stick the screen now. This mean, if your screen cracked in the very bad situation, it will take hour to remove the screen.
Screen disassembly in iPhone 7 Plus

Besides that, Apple also introduce to use a new type of screw. To us, it is time to purchase new set of screw driver. 


Then follow by a totally new home button. Very challenging....


To follow through the whole disassembly process, please head over to ifixit.com

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