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We have been talking about iPhone 6 a lot. It is time to discuss something about iPad Air 2. This video from Sonny Dickson and tldtoday show you how the next generation iPad Air like. It is basically similar size which reduce from 7mm to 6-6.5mm and included Touch ID sensor. Based on the video, the dummy iPad Air 2 shown, it carry the iPad Air design with little changes on the casing like switch volume, home button and so on.  
Wednesday, 18 June 2014 00:00

iPad Air 2 Might Come with Touch ID

Following on from the successful roll-out with last year’s iPhone 5s, it is strongly suspected that Apple will add the Touch ID fingerprint sensor to both the next-gen iPad Air and iPad mini. A couple of new images out of Asia, said to showcase a prototype of the iPad Air 2, corroborate the notion of Touch ID debuting on the company’s famed tablet, and although we cannot vouch for the legitimacy of the source, these snaps align nicely with what we’ve been hearing just lately.With Apple having rolled out its first ever fingerprint sensor as a part of the iPhone…