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Today, Apple store announced that your can now order iPad Mini in Malaysia. You can order now and receive it after 2 weeks. iPad Mini has the same processor and LCD pixel with iPad 2 but it contains some latest iPad component like camera, lightning connector and so on. The WiFi 16GB version is only selling at RM999 and WiFi + 3G version is only selling at RM1399. iPad Mini is really idea for your kids who tend to drop the big iPad due to too large and heavy.
Thailand has take a faster step than Malaysia this time. Today (2nd November 2012), Thailand officially start selling iPad 4th Generation, iPad Mini and iPhone 5. It seems like Thailand has more demand than Malaysia so Apple decide to give Thailand a go first. As from the pricing, it will almost the same with Malaysia, if you cannot wait to get one then go to Thailand and buy one there.
Wednesday, 24 October 2012 10:19

Comparison: iPad Mini VS iPad 2 VS iPad 4

iPad Mini and iPad 4 announced today at Apple media event. iPad Mini has the same processor as iPad 2 but iPad 4 new feature with a more powerful processor A6X. It is very hard to tell by writing so Apple provided a comparison chart for us. Have a look and choose your iPad today.
Rumous normally will turn to true, iPad Mini is here. Apple has just announced another new business line "iPad Mini" at their event today. What iPad Mini features, the same processor and LCD pixel as iPad 2 but the other feature are the same as iPad 4. Let's discuss more on this. Display iPad Mini has a smaller form factor with only 7.9-inches. It has the same resolution as iPad 2 at 1024 x 768 pixels. Because it has a smaller LCD so the density is better, it has a 163 pixel per inch density. Which consider as entry level…
Wednesday, 17 October 2012 09:28

Apple Begins Sending Invites to iPad Mini Event

As mentioned earlier, Apple might release their latest rumous iDevice "iPad Mini". This rumous are around for weeks and no actual response from Apple. This morning, finally, the invites went public and the curtain was officially lifted on Apple's plans to hold a media event next Tuesday, October 23rd. Eventhough, Apple does not state any words about "iPad Mini" but based on the note at the invitation, it is certainly Apple is going to annouce some new products. One of the new products could be the iPad Mini which come with a small form factor and feed with 7.85 inch…
Wednesday, 10 October 2012 09:18

iPad Mini is Bigger iPod Touch? [Images]

According to report, Apple might introduce their new portable device at the coming media event. This is the long rumous "iPad Mini" which was claimed to have Wi-Fi and 3G version like its brother iPad. However, rumous won't stop there, the latest report claimed that iPad Mini featuer only Wi-Fi version. That's mean there will be no 3G version for internet connection. This information lead people to think it is a iPad Mini or a bigger iPod Touch because it is just like a iPod Touch with bigger screen. Eventhough, it is like bigger screen iPod Touch, I believe it…

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