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Thursday, 12 September 2013 13:55

Apple Announced iPhone 5S with Touch ID

Apple had already announced iPhone 5S the new generation of iPhone 5. The form factor is exactly the same with iPhone 5 but there are some hardware improvement like faster A7 processor and a new M7 chip to handle the motion process. Besides that, a new feature called "Touch ID" was also introduce in the event. "Touch ID" uses your finger print to authenticate your App Store purchase, unlock password and so on. Therefore, you do not need to remember any of your password again. Just remember to bring your finger around with you :-) The advantage of this Touch…
Tuesday, 10 September 2013 09:25

Apple Start to Setup Their Media Event Banner

While everyone is waiting for this media event. Apple start to setup their beautiful yet colorful media even banner at the entrance. We have a lot of expected refresh products or maybe new products to arrive soon. Keep follow up, we will update the information as fast as possible.
Wednesday, 17 April 2013 09:18

iPhone 5S Featuring An A7 Processor

Rumous of iPhone 5S is coming around, everyone is expecting something new from Apple iPhone 5S. According to report, iPhone 5S will maintain the same design of iPhone 5 but completely redesign the internal component. This is quite normal as Apple had been doing this since iPhone 3G. Latest report announce, iPhone 5S will featuring an A7 processor but the actual clock speed still remain unknown. However, it is report that iPhone 5S will have 2GB of RAM. This mean it will increase App's cache size and improve performance. Please stay back, we will update more news on the coming…
Thursday, 27 December 2012 09:19

iPhone 5S Concept [VIDEO]

People have been start talking about iPhone 5S which suspected to launch/announce at WWDC (2013). As the trend of Apple, we knew that the design will still be the same as iPhone 5 but this creative people come out with a concept that iPhone 5S with Mac OS X. In this concept, iPhone 5S will have a laser keyboard which will project from the bottom of the iPhone 5S body and a projector build-in to iPhone 5S. Users can flip this iPhone 5S to stand mode then use it as a Mac OS X. Check out the video below. As…
iPhone 5 has just been around few months ago but Apple never stop there. Based on the information, Apple already start design the new iPhone 5 which basically will be named as iPhone 5S. Apple common style will be keep the same look and feel for at least two years but completely redesign the internal components. We had seen this since iPhone 3G. Based on the photo, iPhone 5S will have different components but maintain the same outlook. It properly will feature with A6X Processor which is two times faster then current A6 chip but still keep your battery life.