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Tuesday, 10 September 2013 09:31

What to Expect at the Apple Media Event

Let's discuss what to expect from the event that just a few hours later... iOS 7: 100% Sure It is 100% sure iOS 7 will announce again at this media event and also please expect the downloading might be availabe 1 week after the event. iOS 7 come with many new feature which previous only jailbroken iPhone can do that. You can check out this link for the feature and also compare the feature that available in Cydia. I am personally using the beta version of iOS 7 now, it looks cool and does not look urgly like everyone say.…
Yes, while we are waiting for the Setember 10th media event from Apple. Some photos show the next generation of iPhone 5 appear to be shipped to US. From the photo above, we can see that iPhone 5C is packed with a transparent box which similar to iPod Touch packing. iFix4You believe that, Apple might drop their iPod Touch line and introduce iPhone 5C to replace its music device. As we understand, iPod Touch is the low-cost device which use slower processor and without the "Phone" feature. If Apple would like to introduce a low-cost iPhone which also packed with…
Tuesday, 03 September 2013 16:14

iPhone 5C Manual Appear Before Announce

Apple set the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C event on 10th September. While everyone is waiting for the event to arrive, some spy from the Apple manufacture had sent out a few photo regarding iPhone 5C. This time, it is not the housing, LCD or button but it is the manual of iPhone 5C. It seem like it will turn out to be true that iPhone 5C is the real newline product from Apple. Let's wait to see this coming event.
Thursday, 14 March 2013 14:31

Get an Iron Man Suit for your iPhone 5

Iron man fans... you can finally get an Iron man suit for your iPhone. This suit not only come with a cute and cool design but also some funs. The back of your iPhone 5 will immediately transform to an Iron Man suit Here is actually where the fun comes, you need to flip the case when you take photo :)
The jailbreak tool had been release and we have test the tools several times to see its stability and function. Although, we found a few problem in a few devices but there are not big deal. You are safe to jailbreak your iOS 6.x devices now. Please read the FAQ at the bottom if you worry of any errors. This jailbreak is very simple with one click solution (if you follow the step properly). Let's review what is the compatible devices and requirement before we proceed. Compatible devices: iPhone 3GS | 6.0, 6.0.1, 6.0.2, 6.1 iPhone 4 | 6.0, 6.0.1,…
Friday, 18 January 2013 09:13

Budget / Low cost iPhone 5 reveal [image]

While many of us is waiting for the upcoming iPhone 5S, many reports also start to publish a budget iPhone 5 will also arrive. Although, the rumous was messing around for a moment about this budget iPhone 5 but no one is able to think how it looks like. Today, have report announced this low cost iPhone 5 will feature same design with current iPhone 5 but in a smaller form factor. It has the same display as iPhone 4 and 4S but thinner form factor. We can tell from the picture, this budget / low cost iPhone 5 will…
Thursday, 27 December 2012 09:19

iPhone 5S Concept [VIDEO]

People have been start talking about iPhone 5S which suspected to launch/announce at WWDC (2013). As the trend of Apple, we knew that the design will still be the same as iPhone 5 but this creative people come out with a concept that iPhone 5S with Mac OS X. In this concept, iPhone 5S will have a laser keyboard which will project from the bottom of the iPhone 5S body and a projector build-in to iPhone 5S. Users can flip this iPhone 5S to stand mode then use it as a Mac OS X. Check out the video below. As…
iPhone 5 has just been around few months ago but Apple never stop there. Based on the information, Apple already start design the new iPhone 5 which basically will be named as iPhone 5S. Apple common style will be keep the same look and feel for at least two years but completely redesign the internal components. We had seen this since iPhone 3G. Based on the photo, iPhone 5S will have different components but maintain the same outlook. It properly will feature with A6X Processor which is two times faster then current A6 chip but still keep your battery life.
Finally, the wait for all Malaysian is over. Apple official announce iPhone 5 will be available in Malaysia on 14th December. Get ready your pocket money and go ahead to any telcom in Malaysia soon. Today, 3rd December 2012, Apple announce iPhone 5 will arrive in South Korea & more than 50 additional countries in December which Malaysia being one of these 50 countries. South Korea will be the first country to enjoy iPhone 5 on 7th December where Malaysia and other countries will be available on 14th December. As for the pricing, no worry. It will be the same…
Thailand has take a faster step than Malaysia this time. Today (2nd November 2012), Thailand officially start selling iPad 4th Generation, iPad Mini and iPhone 5. It seems like Thailand has more demand than Malaysia so Apple decide to give Thailand a go first. As from the pricing, it will almost the same with Malaysia, if you cannot wait to get one then go to Thailand and buy one there.
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