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If you ever want to pick a music to play in iOS, this is the step unlock your device -> open "songs" app -> pick your music to play. Imagine, if you are driving, this will drive you crazy. Developer (rvirajm) had just developer a tweak for jailbroken iPhone. With this tweak, you can simply double click home button to bring the music picker. Then tap at the icon and select your song. Is that simple.
Do you even dream of the Samsung feature that will automatic call your friend when you are texting or reading their SMS by simply just lift your phone to your ear? If yes, then get it now. This new jailbreak tweaks allow you to call your friend by just lift your iPhone to your ear. It is actually make use of the proximity sensor from the iPhone. This feature is very similar to iPhone Siri "Raise to talk" feature but instead of activating Siri, it will actually call your friend. Sound cool?
Having a hard time playing game but don't know what time is it now? In order to view iPhone time, you need to bring up the notification center while you are playing game. This is quite difficult for some users. "NCTabClock" is a tweak that allow you to view your time while you are using any full screen apps. Simply, swap on the top of the screen then it will display for you without pausing your full screen app. This is a good tweak for people who are waiting for somebody and using their iPhone. Head to cydia and install…